October 18, 2005

JACOB WEISBERG TELLS DEMOCRATS to stop enjoying the Plame case:

Hold the schadenfreude, blue-staters. Rooting for Rove's indictment in this case isn't just unseemly, it's unthinking and ultimately self-destructive. Anyone who cares about civil liberties, freedom of information, or even just fair play should have been skeptical about Fitzgerald's investigation from the start. Claiming a few conservative scalps might be satisfying, but they'll come at a cost to principles liberals hold dear: the press's right to find out, the government's ability to disclose, and the public's right to know.

Depending, of course, on what Fitzgerald does.

UPDATE: And note this observation:

[I]t is not a crime in this country to discredit Joseph Wilson if it were, wed have to lock up every member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Heck, we'd have to lock up Joseph Wilson.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Steve Sturm wonders why Wilson lied about his trip.