September 26, 2005

TOM DELAY seems to be feeling the heat:

I agree that an essential point has achieved consensus in this debate: The current political dialogue on political spending is one that requires a clear declaration of principles from House Republicans. We will continue to display an earnest devotion to the ideals of a smaller, more efficient, better-prioritized government. Flaunting rhetoric on the issue of fiscal discipline will not be enough. The conservative ideals of fiscal discipline and leaner, smarter government require a legislative agenda that can be put into action and enacted into law.

That action begins with the House Republican commitment to breaking the government bureaucracy's logjam of inefficient programs and wasteful spending. This goal will be accomplished by advancing a budget initiative that pulls up from the roots billions of dollars of wasteful spending programs that have taken hold in the federal budget for far too long.

Now that he's started to look, I guess he's found some fat!

Hey, Tom: Look here!

UPDATE: John Podhoretz: "The debate in this country over the size of government has taken a fortunate turn in the past week as consciousness about wasteful spending seems to have broken through to the public. . . . maybe we're on the brink of a change in political atmosphere." He suggests, though, that calls to delay or eliminate the prescription drug benefit dilute the anti-pork message. I'm not sure whether I agree with that.