September 17, 2005


Regarding your post on the president's quasi-pledge to cut spending in order to fund post-Katrina relief/reconstruction, and given the awesome job you and other super-bloggers did raising donations and participation for relief efforts, what role can the blogosphere play in pressuring each state delegation to give up some or all of the federal pork currently slated for them? Should bloggers in Alaska start calling for suspended funding on the "Bridge To Nowhere"? Should other bloggers start listing the federal projects and $'s earmarked for their respective states and lead email campaigns aimed at their congressmen and local newspapers? Would this kind of nationwide project benefit from some uber-blogger coordination? Yes, I suspect it would.

Sounds good to me, and the "bridge to nowhere" is certainly a good place to start. Here are some more things to look at. I've got a few ideas about what bloggers might do to call attention to this, and I'll be posting more on that later.

Judging from the poll results, quite a few InstaPundit readers are in favor of cutting spending.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, here's evidence that the federal relief money is already being wasted. Jeez. Can't we just cut every evacuee a check and call it a day?