September 06, 2005

YES, I'M BLOGGING ABOUT SOME OTHER STUFF, but don't think that gets you off the hook if you haven't donated to Katrina relief! Go here and give somebody some money. And if you've contributed, but haven't logged your contribution over at N.Z. Bear's place, and I'll bet that's most of you, well, go do it. (Bumped up on page). [LATER: Bumped up again.]

UPDATE: So far, this has raised about $865,000 $900,000 $970,000 $1 million $1.1 million $1.2 million (about $185,000 $200,000 $260,000 $282,000 $319,000 $360,000 from InstaPundit readers) based on people's self reports. Let's see if we can get it into the seven-figure range before the blogburst ends at midnight. [LATER: Made it! But don't let that stop you!]

There are two kinds of people out there: Those who haven't donated yet and those who have donated, but haven't logged your contribution over at TTLB. If you haven't donated, how about it? There's a list of charities here, or if you just want to give where I gave without having to choose among the many choices you can go to the Salvation Army and donate there. (Just noticed that this is almost 1/8 what Amazon has raised, which is a pretty impressive achievement for the blogosphere).

If you haven't logged your contribution yet -- and I'm guessing that's a lot of you -- well, go do it.