August 18, 2005

NEWSPAPER WEB VIDEO: A while back I observed:

I did some interviews of my own, using the video function of my Sony digital still camera. It's not television-news quality, but it was done on the fly with a camera that cost $300 and fits easily in a pocket.

Tools like this are the future. If I ran a newspaper, I'd give one to each of my reporters, and encourage them -- in the most meaningful way possible, with bonuses -- to conduct video interviews and reports that could run on the paper's website, the better to fend off the kind of challengers I link above.

Now the Knoxville News-Sentinel seems to be following that advice. (They're even using the same camera. No word about the bonuses part, though . . . .)

Here's their first video, from a shooting range, and it turned out pretty well, I think. They're also open to citizen journalism: "Do you 'vlog' around Knoxville? Send us your stuff; we'll add it to our collection here."