June 17, 2005


My suggestion - the next time the Senator from Illinois is speaking on the subject of prisoner abuse and finds himself grasping for an historical parallel, perhaps he could invoke the proud history of the great city of Chicago.

Read the whole thing to find out why. (There's also this great line in the comments: "I hate Illinois Nazi-equaters.") If I were a Senator, I'd introduce a resolution censuring Durbin. I suspect, though, that the Republicans would rather keep him talking.

UPDATE: For some perspective, go here -- but only if graphic photos don't bother you. And Rand Simberg has more perspective, without photos.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Mudville Gazette has a Durbin roundup, including links to video and to a Boston Herald editorial saying that "Durbin must go."

As the Herald points out, Trent Lott lost his leadership position over less.

Bill Hobbs has audio of Dick Cheney on Durbin. And Iowahawk has discovered some heretofore unknown Dick Durbin correspondence.

More here: "Every member of the military and their families and every voter who admires the military should be watching very closely as the Democratic Party and MSM say and do nothing about Dick Durbin's smear. You can't be a supporter of the military and allow the #2 Democrat in the Senate to put the Nazi/Stalin/Pol Pot brand on the troops, which is exactly what Durbin did."

MORE: More strong words on Durbin.