March 08, 2005

NORM GERAS has a long post on the argument over Iraq.

Meanwhile, is Hizbollah desperate, and afraid of democracy? But they're certainly trying to hold their own in the "hot protest babe" category. And as means of political competition in the Mideast go, this is one that I hope we see more of. It's better than truck bombs.

UPDATE: Charles Austin emails: "If you look at the picture you posted closely, the woman in the foreground appears to be the only woman in the picture. Hmm, what does that say about the pro-Syria demonstrations? Could it be the Lysistrata effect taking hold? Like you wrote earlier, I know which crowd Id rather be in." Indeed. Several other readers noted the same thing.

And reader George Gooding emails: "Am I the only one wondering if these pro-Syrian protests were planned by... the Syrian or Lebanese government, or Hizbollah? The democracy demonstrations I think it is safe to say were spontaneous, yet I don't believe the demonstration today was - and that makes a big difference." Indeed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Crunching the numbers on the Hizbollah protests. Something doesn't add up. Were refugees trucked in?

MORE: Sounds possible: "At least one opposition leader said the pro-Syrian government pressured people to turn out Tuesday and some reports said Syria bused in people from across the border."