March 06, 2005

LOGICALMEME NOTES that there's an outbreak of "Lebanese hotties" on magazine covers. He's right!

I've actually been accused of favoring attractive Lebanese women myself. Moi? Perish the thought! But when you search for photos of Lebanese pro-democracy demonstrators, you get stuff like this:

Caption: "Two Lebanese opposition demonstrators stand in a car as they flash victory signs and wave a Lebanese flag during a celebration one day after the Lebanese government's resignation in Beirut, Lebanon."

On the other hand, when you search for pro-Assad demonstrators, you find stuff like this:

Caption: "Syrian workers hold pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad as one cuts himself with a knife during a pro-Syrian demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday, March 6, 2005. Man cuts himself to show his support and commitment to his president." [LATER: I didn't notice this the first time, but is it me or does the guy in the middle give the impression that he'd rather be hanging out with the hot chicks? He's my brother, he's into knives and Assad, Mom said to keep an eye on him, what can you do? So, you free Saturday night?]

So that's what I'm seeing. And I haven't seen anything to suggest that it's an inaccurate reflection. But here's a Lebanese pro-democracy guy, too, just so people won't feel like I'm playing favorites here:

Like I said earlier, which crowd would you rather hang out with? I hope a lot of Al Jazeera-watchers are asking themselves the same question.

UPDATE: Some interesting polling data from Iraq.