March 04, 2005

KOS VS. GREENSPAN: I'm betting on Greenspan.

UPDATE: Greenspan has John Cole on his side! But any dirt they dig up on Greenspan will only make Bill Clinton, who also appointed him, look bad! Is this really just a way for Deaniacs to weaken Hillary? Could they be that subtle? . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Or maybe it's just that tasty Jonestown Kool-Aid. When you take another sip, it covers up the bitterness from the one before. For a little while.

MORE: Tom Maguire offers good advice to the Kos crowd, in the serene confidence that it will be ignored:

Is there even a hint of a media strategy here, or do they just figure, the more enemies they make, the better they are doing? Do they really think the Daily (Kos) Show will have more impact after mainstream journalists rally to Andrea and abandon them? Do they really think that, after the Guckert fiasco, this is the best way forward?

Sadly, some do. Though there's some evidence that sanity is beginning to assert itself.