March 01, 2005

INSTAWIFE UPDATE: Various people have emailed wanting a report on how Helen is doing. She's been home a week now, and the report is, well, mixed.

On the (more important) upside, the heart stuff, she seems to be doing quite well. Her irregular heartbeats are much better -- she says she was only subliminally aware of them most of the time, but now it seems "really quiet" in her chest.

Unfortunately, it also hurts. They made a pretty big incision, so that they could push the ICD down far enough to conceal it behind her breast, which means there was more cutting than usual. She can't raise her left arm very high, or pull it backward -- and as often happens with things like this, her right shoulder actually hurts worse, from strained muscles as a result of favoring the left side. It's made it hard to sleep, too, as just about every position is uncomfortable.

She's doing OK, I guess, but the 4-6 week recovery period looks about right. I took her out to get her hair done today, which made her feel a bit better. Tomorrow I'll take her back to the cardiologist for a followup exam, and hopefully she'll get the go-ahead to drive. (She'll have to drive my Passat, though, because it's the only automatic we own, and she can't really operate a stick shift.) She hasn't much liked being stuck around the house.

She sends her thanks for the emails and cards, etc., that continue to come in. And so do I: It made me feel like George Bailey.