January 21, 2005

I STARTED SAYING THIS YEARS AGO, but now The New Republic is chiming in in support of the notion that national Democrats could learn a lot about winning elections from Phil Bredesen. And, as I've also said, the Democrats could do a lot worse than running him in 2008.

UPDATE: One of the things that's interesting about Bredesen, by the way, is that he's good on conservative talk radio. He goes on the shows, he answers questions rather than ducking them or retreating into slogans and sound bites, and as a result the hosts (and listeners) respect him even when they disagree. When he ran for governor I had real doubts; it was hearing him on Hallerin Hill's talk show that made me think he had a chance to win. If you can imagine a Democratic Presidential nominee who could go on Hugh Hewitt's show and hold his own, you're imagining a Democratic nominee who can win.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More on Bredesen's talk-radio presence and political prospects, here, and here. As I've said before, the Democrats could do worse. And probably will!