January 02, 2005

SUPPORTERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS have reportedly staged an intervention with Kofi Annan at Richard Holbrooke's home:

At the gathering, Secretary General Kofi Annan listened quietly to three and a half hours of bluntly worded counsel from a group united in their personal regard for him and support for the United Nations, but deeply concerned that lapses in his leadership over the past two years had eclipsed the accomplishments of his first term and were jeopardizing chances of making the remaining two years of his term meaningful. . . .

Holbrooke said that the talk, while unalloyed, was not confrontational. "There was nothing adversarial about it," Holbrooke said.

"Kofi knew he was in a meeting with people who cared deeply about him and about the institution."

Admitting that there's a problem is the first step. (Via Rob A.).