December 14, 2004

UNSCAM UPDATE: Jefferson Morley writes in the Washington Post:

There was noticeable reticence to pursue certain leads in the story. Annan is the most recognizable figure to catch heat for the scandal that occurred on his watch. But according to the Duelfer report, former French Interior Minister turned businessman, Charles Pascua, received oil vouchers from the Hussein regime that enabled him to sell more than 10 million barrels of oil on the international market. If you enter Pascua's name in the French language version of Google News, the search engine is unable to find a single mention of Pascua's name in the French press in the last 30 days.

Morley notes that the Americans involved in this scandal aren't getting much attention either, though he doesn't mention Marc Rich by name.

UPDATE: Doh! Several readers point out that Morley would have done better if he had spelled Charles Pasqua's name correctly . . . .