December 12, 2004

I HAVEN'T READ MICHAEL CRICHTON'S NEW BOOK, State of Fear, but Steven Antler has a copy and he's blogging about it. And scroll for more. They're also Crichton-blogging over at The Corner. And though I haven't read Crichton's book, it sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Niven, Pournelle & Flynn novel, Fallen Angels, though I don't know if it features the same plot twist. In Fallen Angels, global warming due to greenhouse gases turns out to be real, all right -- but when the emissions controls go into effect, we learn that it's been masking an underlying ice age that swiftly descends, an angle that I found satisfyingly perverse.

UPDATE: Reader Jeremy Bowers points out that you can download Fallen Angels for free in multiple formats from the Baen Books Free Library.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's a review of Crichton's book, by Ron Bailey.