November 23, 2004


Right now in the freezing cold, almost 100 000 Ukranians are protesting against the stolen election in central Kiev, and a huge demonstration has also started in the city of Lviv. The municipal councils in both cities have said they only take orders from the liberal presidential candidate Yushchenko, the real winner of the election. At the same time, security forces have said that they are ready to put down the protests "quickly and firmly".

Where are the concerned European politicians who should condemn the fraud, and who could be with these crowds to show their support? And where are the "human shields"? A lot of young westerners were willing to risk their lives to stop the war on Iraq. Arenít they willing to risk some discomfort to stop one of Europeís biggest countries from slipping back to dictatorship?

Not obviously. (Loads more Ukraine links here at this Ukrainian English news portal site.)

UPDATE: A Fistful of Euros is gathering reports of protests at Ukrainian embassies by Ukrainian expats.