November 02, 2004

I'm STEELING MYSELF FOR THE EMAIL to come from that "Revolution Will Be Posted" NYT Op-Ed piece of mine. Here's an example, typical in its anger but better written than most (and containing a touch of the humor that is normally missing from the tsk-ing from the left):

I'm glad I'm not the only person from Madison who's a fag-hatin', charisma- lovin', country-invadin', process-evisceratin', nature-despoilin' revolutionary! Go Bush, twelve more years! So, those of us who grew to appreciate the notion that government might mean a certain level of rationalism in its decision-making have shed that ashen chrysalis to appreciate the need for raw autocracy. God help us, indeed. May you be disenfranchised. If you can't perceive that Bush is a cult, not a political figure, whose revolution is unapologetically crypto-fascist, then you need to relinquish your position of influence and return to your lonely typewriter. Sadly, [Name Withheld]

Presumably the "position of influence" this person (a UW alumnus) refers to is law professor and not blogger, though both roles do entail contact with a "typewriter." (My keyboard must be a very needy partner indeed if it's "lonely," since I can barely keep my hands off it.) Anyway, how could I not have known that academia is for Bush-haters only? By the way, I love the closing "Sadly" -- it's so ... Tom Daschle.

UPDATE: Another emailer makes the kind of logic-and-language point I love: "How can anyone be 'unapologetically crypto-fascist'? Doesn't 'crypto-' mean 'hidden'?" Well, the original emailer only wanted "a certain level of rationalism."

ANOTHER EMAILER: That second emailer also wrote that on his blog.