October 07, 2004


The president and I have the same position, fundamentally, on gay marriage. We do. Same position.

(Via Ann Althouse, who has some questions.)

UPDATE: Someone should ask Kerry what he thinks about this:

A state judge Tuesday threw out a Louisiana ban on same-sex marriage overwhelmingly approved by voters on Sept. 18, suggesting its drafters had overreached by making it too broad. . . .

Suggesting he wouldn't be swayed by the huge "yes" vote, Morvant, a Republican, said his "inescapable conclusion" was that the amendment was itself unconstitutional because of its twin purposes, and he struck it down.

I haven't read the opinion, so I can't opine on its reasoning. But at the very least, this may serve to educate those who are inclined to stereotype Southern judges as inevitably prejudiced. . . . (Via GayPatriot).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Maguire notes a significant error in the NYT story linked at the beginning of this post, though the error concerns stem cells, not gay marriage.