September 11, 2004

MY SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL POST IS UP over at There's nothing terribly poetic or deep about it. If you want that, read this piece by Lileks.

I don't know if I'll post nonstop like I did in 2002, or post hardly at all, like I did in 2003. Or maybe I'll just react to events as they happen, like I did in 2001.

It's important that people remember what we're about here. But those who want to forget (those who are part of what Andrew Sullivan, back in September of 2001, called a "paralyzing, pseudo-clever, morally nihilist fifth column," plus those who are just tired of the war, or those who just naturally live in the eternal present) will forget -- or already have forgotten -- and the rest of us don't need a lot of reminding.

But maybe I'm wrong. Back in September of 2001, some people were already looking to the future, and thinking that we'd forget.

That's why they made this memorial video. It's still hard to watch, three years later. But it should be hard to watch.

One day, I suppose, these images will be like the images of the exploding Hindenburg, or woodcuts of the Chicago fire: historical, without much power to move people. We're not there yet. And we won't be, for quite a while.

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