September 01, 2004

IT'S NOT MY FAULT! It never is!

Sen. John Kerry is angry at the way his campaign has botched the attacks from the Swift boat veterans and has ordered a staff shakeup that will put former Clinton aides in top positions.

"The candidate is furious," a longtime senior Kerry adviser told the Daily News. "He knows the campaign was wrong. He wanted to go after the Swift boat attacks, but his top aides said no."

I see a rerun of the old Saturday Night Live Dukakis/Bush I debate sketch -- only this time with Kerry saying "I can't believe my staff is losing to this guy!"

ANOTHER UPDATE: Mickey Kaus notes another shocker:

Several campaign officials and advisers say they recognize the need to have an "adult" traveling with the candidate -- as one put it, "someone who can tell him to shut up ..."

Who'll do that if he's President? Teresa? And would a well-run campaign be leaking damaging statements like this?

Meanwhile, reader Dick Aubrey emails: "'My subordinates wouldn't let me.' Not the most reassuring picture of someone who wants to be the world's most powerful executive."

And Greg Decker observes: "I thought George W. Bush was supposed to be the brainless puppet."

MORE: Now Kerry is slamming Bush for "failing to share responsibility with NATO or the United Nations."

Sharing responsibility? Maybe that's what Kerry's doing when he blames his staff!