August 04, 2004

ATRIOS HAS BEEN UNMASKED as Duncan Black. Now, I think, Duncan Black has been unmasked as Emily Litella. Wrong t-shirt? "Never mind!"

In truth, I have no particular position on pan-Africanism, though as someone with African relatives I'll note that most Americans who talk about that stuff have quite literally no idea what they're talking about. Perhaps one day I'll collect some amusing anecdotes on the topic. (And apologies to Tom Maguire for stepping on the punchline.)

UPDATE: More thoughts on diversity here. Though to "ROYGBIV" I'd have to say that "ROFLMAO" is a more appropriate response to Duncan's post.

Or maybe just "heh."

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Steve Gifford emails:

I've just glanced at the comment thread re your t-shirt and it is one of the most hysterical, and at the same time disturbing, things I have ever read. I would hope that the claims that wearing such a shirt made you a white supremacist were intended as a satire on the insistence of the American left on labelling every act by a person, but I half think some of them are serious. Shouldn't someone be helping these people get the psychiatric help they need?

Actually, they've fallen victim to Karl Rove's insidiously clever "Blogpaper" strategy, in which vast reserves of potential activism are siphoned off into pointless hatred toward an obscure law professor who maintains a personal website. I think he has provocateurs over there keeping them stirred up.

At least, I hope so. That something like that could grow on its own is too disturbing to contemplate. . .

I don't which is more embarrassing for Black, here -- the comments of his critics, or the comments of his supporters? Make up your own mind.

But hey, anybody can write a blog post that doesn't work out. It's no big deal.

Though I do wonder what Black meant about "blaming the victims of genocide." But since he doesn't provide a link, it beats me. Could he be talking about this piece? That would be absurd -- which, I suppose, would fit the rest of his post. . . .

MORE: Well, I'm embarrassed that I didn't figure this out for myself. It all makes sense, now . . .