August 03, 2004

TODAY was spent with kids. The Insta-Wife was showing her film and lecturing to a conference of juvenile court judges and caseworkers in Gatlinburg. I took the Insta-Daughter and Insta-Niece to the Ripley's Aquarium, which is surprisingly cool. It's not as nice as scuba diving, but you don't get wet. And the sawfish to the right, happily pressed against the clear plastic tunnel roof, is the only one I've ever seen -- they've gotten to be fairly rare in the wild for some no-doubt dire reason.

Though we live an hour from Gatlinburg, I don't go there much -- too crowded, too touristy. I prefer the actual mountains. But it's more fun with kids. They bought various items of exciting little-girl stuff (well, not so little anymore, really) and we had an excellent time.

That's a spider crab below. These pics were taken with the little Olympus 2 megapixel that is my go-everywhere camera. I'm sure that the more expensive ones would have done a better job -- but I had this one with me, which is an important point where digital cameras are concerned. The camera that's in your pocket does better work than the one that's in a drawer at home.