July 21, 2004

HOW DID BERGER GET STUFF OUT OF THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES? Apparently, the rules are different for the big shots:

WASHINGTON -- Pens are forbidden, pencils provided. Each scribbled piece of paper is checked, then stamped. Cell phones and jackets go into lockers. Prying eyes make sure nothing precious walks off.

Researchers digging into the nation's history at the National Archives are watched every step of the way.

Despite precautions like those, former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger somehow came away with material he wasn't supposed to have. . . .

The process is somewhat different for those who have security clearance or otherwise are allowed access to classified information, as Berger was.

"He was a special case," Kornbluh said. "He was a former government official who was there to look at still-classified material."

Some users are more equal than others. I hope that this new policy will be applied evenhandedly, though. Or maybe I should say "evenfootedly."