July 21, 2004

HMM. I'M GUESSING THAT THERE'S A CONNECTION between these two headlines:

Presbyterians divest themselves from Israel

Protestants May Lose Majority In U.S. Population

I'm a Presbyterian, though somewhat nominally. And one reason it's nominal is the lack of moral seriousness in the church, as in many denominations. They have nothing -- at least nothing worth listening to -- to say that I can't hear on NPR. Like the Anglicans in Britain, they worship political correctness (the URL for the Presbyterian Church is, appropriately enough,, and it has feet of clay. Er, or something clay-like.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

I'm an elder in a PCUSA church and I am firmly convinced that the thing holds together--so far--solely becauses the pewdwellers have no clue what HQ is doing. HQ is in Louisville, but I've been dealing with that bunch of SDS retreads since they were on Riverside Drive in New York. They have been on the wrong side of just about everything that's been important in the last thirty years. In the days of the Cold War, I used to inquire if there were as many as one issue of US military or foreign policy in which the PCUSA disagreed with the USSR. Of course, in many cases one side or the other (presuming they were different sides) had a position and the other didn't. But nobody at HQ ever could tell me one where the two sides disagreed. They got mad when I asked. Once my term is over--end of the year--I am likely to leave. It's getting tougher to look my Jewish friends in the eye.

The spread of antisemitism to the left is shocking. The spread of antisemitism to the Christian left is more shocking. But maybe that's my naivete showing.