July 08, 2004

WIRED NEWS reports on blogging burnout. Howard Owens, an ex-blogger who sent the article, emails:

Though burnout isn't exactly why I quit. It has more to do with the demands of a promotion, but talking with other bloggers who have quit for reasons having nothing to do with burnout or frustrations with certain segments of the audience, [they] feel a sense of relief after they get over the withdrawal. That's certainly been my experience.

It's a major effort. For me, it's still a fun effort, but it's nonetheless a lot of work.

UPDATE: Reader Benjamin Skott emails:

Before the war in Iraq, I would imagine you were usually considered a centrist. Now, whenever I see you mentioned in the media, it's "Conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds." I thought the media was supposed to be "nuanced" and not black and white like the good versus evil attitude they always accuse the right wing of having. Now, however, if you are for the war, no matter how liberal your other beliefs are, you are conservative. If you are against the war, you are normal. What gives?

I've pretty much given up fighting it, because yes, that seems to be the definition. Pro-gay-marriage, pro-choice, pro-drug-legalization, but pro-war? You're a "conservative."

But I guess that makes fair to call Pat Buchanan a "liberal." Heck, he's getting along pretty well with Ralph Nader these days. . . .