June 25, 2004

AL GORE, THEN AND NOW: Timothy Perry notes some contradictions between his "Bush lied!" stance today and what he said in the past. And here's audio of Gore claiming an Iraqi terror connection and WMD back in 1992. Sounds genuine to me, and I'm told that Fox ran video along these lines yesterday, though I didn't see it.

UPDATE: More on Gore from John Tabin, here:

Indeed, the Clinton administration's experiences with Saddam's penchant for terrorism go all the way back to Clinton's first term, when it was confirmed that the Iraqi Intelligence Service had attempted an assassination of former President George H.W. Bush. Clinton ordered a missile strike on the IIS headquarters in June, 1993, in retaliation.

"The suffering inside Iraq can come to an end when Saddam Hussein's regime is replaced," said a top Clinton administration official at the time. "And I hope -- and most of the world community hopes -- that this regime based on terrorism and atrocities against his own people will be replaced. Over time, we hope to achieve that result."

The official? Al Gore.

Read the whole thing.