June 24, 2004

PAN-O-RAMA: Movie Guru Clint Daniels doesn't think much of The Stepford Wives;

Updated version of a cult classic is simply dreadful . . . . an unbearable, muddled farce that's best avoided at all costs.

Ouch. Meanwhile Melissa Schwartz didn't like Fahrenheit 9/11:

I finally put my finger on why, exactly, Moore bothers me so much: he is not smarter than me (and I think it's safe to identify myself as being a typical American), though he thinks that he is. . . .

Instead, he's full of either obvious-isms or underdeveloped (and often conveniently edited), emotionally-driven thought. I get the feeling that F9/11 is a bunch of factoids culled together to poke fun and make a vague point (but as long as the rage is there, it's okay!)

Indeed. But nobody -- even Christopher Hitchens -- can top Jeff Jarvis in the Moore-dissection sweepstakes. I won't excerpt it -- just read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Moore seems to have been flummoxed by a 17-year-old -- though one who, unlike Moore, had his facts in order.

Meanwhile Melissa clarifies her post -- it's not the movie she dislikes (yet, anyway), but rather Moore himself.