May 20, 2004

MARINE SGT. PAUL LAVEN sends this link to a photo of more anti-New York Times graffiti.

By one of Kaus's rules of punditry, two examples constitute a nationwide trend! It's a popular revolution against Big Media!

Well, if the target were different, I'll bet Maureen Dowd could write a column with no more basis than this.

If you see any more, send me a photo. Maybe I'll start a gallery.

UPDATE: Ted Barlow emails:

Aren't you concerned that you're encouraging your readers to create anti-New York Times graffitti and then photograph it? Honestly, that was the first thing that I thought of.

That hadn't crossed my mind. Don't do that! I'm only interested in found graffiti, not made graffiti.

ANOTHER UPDATE: This Freudian slip from the Times is delightful.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Quite a few readers say that it's probably lefties, or more specifically Anarchist / antiglobo types, spraypainting the Times. I guess that makes sense -- such disrespect for private property is their hallmark, after all. I guess that's why it didn't cross my mind that InstaPundit readers might do that.

MORE: On the other hand, maybe it's not anarchists, as reader Kipp Mohr sends this email:

It was my picture that you posted today of the graffiti of the New York Times today, and I just wanted to thank you for doing so.

I took it at the Medical Center stop on the red line of the DC Metro while I was visiting Sgt. Laven across the street at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. I can only assume it was one of the families or friends of a soldier wounded or killed in battle that attempted to deface a paper that has shown so little respect for their loved ones' efforts and valient bravery. The only improvement in the effort I would've make would be to cut out the middle-man--spray it right across Ted Kennedy's face!

Needless to say, InstaPundit does not approve of spray-painting Senators.