April 15, 2004


You probably have seen this already (my issue just arrived this week for some reason) but the recent special Masters issue of Sports Illustrated includes an article on the NY Times' obsession over the Martha/Hootie story, and mentions how the blogosphere brought it to the fore. Unfortunately, they somehow butchered your site name into "histaPundit"...seems like a lifetime of free swimsuit issues would be an appropriate compensation.

Yeah, that's an excerpt from Alan Shipnuck's book, The Battle for Augusta National.

Unforgivable error. Well, almost unforgivable: I think they should invite me along to blog about a swimsuit-issue photo-shoot! Then I'd forgive 'em. . . .

But "histaPundit" sounds like an allergy-blog. Though considering the state of my sinuses at the moment, that's probably appropriate.