April 11, 2004

IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE 9/11 COMMISSION HEARINGS, this alternative history by Gregg Easterbrook is interesting. What if Bush had taken decisive action against Osama and the Taliban before 9/11? Easterbrook has him being impeached for warmongering.

Kathleen Parker made a similar point on homeland security -- with Bush facing impeachment and being called "racist" for trying to round up a bunch of Muslims in August of 2001 -- a couple of years ago, but it very much bears repeating.

UPDATE: Another alternative history here.

And go read this post by Megan McArdle on the 9/11 Commission and intelligence:

Clinton didn't know. Bush didn't know. We didn't know. And the uncomfortable possibility remains that there are more events that we not only don't know about--but can't know about. Deluding ourselves otherwise isn't helping. And if it causes us to take costly, fruitless measures to reassure ourselves, it could actively hurt us.