April 07, 2004

AIR AMERICA is being blasted for lack of diversity in The Final Call, the Nation of Islam's house organ. I believe, though, that the piece originally appeared in The Amsterdam News.

UPDATE: Here's another piece sounding the same theme, from Alton Maddox, in The Amsterdam News:

Air America Radio’s takeover of WLIB-AM is the final nail in the coffin of the right of Blacks to access the airwaves. . . .

This is worse than a badge of slavery. It is cultural genocide. This want of outrage to cultural genocide on the part of Blacks is rooted in a lack of knowledge of our culture and our history. Dr. Carter G. Woodson described this malady in “The Miseducation of the Negro.”

The whole piece is rather, um, overheated. But it suggests that Air America is doing some damage with a key constituency.