February 16, 2004

I MENTIONED BELOW that Alex Polier denies a Kerry affair -- but that's not the big news. The big news is that she managed to deny it in a way that left Wonkette speechless.

UPDATE: I"m having trouble with the story here, though. There's this quote:

The father denied they had an affair, but called the senator a "sleazeball" without explanation to the Sun.

"He's not the sort of guy I would choose to be with my daughter," the London paper quoted the father as saying.

Okay, it's The Sun, though I haven't seen anyone suggest the quote is inaccurate. [LATER: Here's a report that they're now denying the Sun quote: "The statement did not address purported quotes by Polier's parents in the British tabloid The Sun that were harshly critical of Kerry. But in a later statement e-mailed to the AP in New York, Terry Polier said he was misquoted by the Sun and that his wife never talked to the Sun reporter."]. So then there's this, from the BBC:

All we have at the moment is that the woman's parents, who are republicans, don't like Senator Kerry.

Okay, but then what about this?

A statement by Terry and Donna Polier, the parents of Alexandra Polier:

"We have spoken to our daughter and the allegations that have been made regarding her are completely false and unsubstantiated. We love and support her 100 percent and these unfounded rumors are hurtful to our entire family. We appreciate the way Senator Kerry has handled the situation, and intend on voting for him for president of the United States."

Wow, that's an amazing 180-degree turnabout in a very short time. If he wins over America's voters this way, he'll be sure to win in November! But can this approach be expanded to cover millions?

Kaus has an amusing take on this sudden shift.

MORE: And Tom Oliphant is blaming Wesley Clark for the whole thing:

Clark's rumor-mongering with his press corps about Kerry was the visible tip of an iceberg of rumor-mongering that had gone on for weeks, stirred not only by some of his fund-raisers but also among the press by aides and consultants that "something" was coming. This is how spin doctors feed gossip mills without actually providing gossip.

And yet some people keep blaming Karl Rove.