February 16, 2004

THE IMAGE TO YOUR RIGHT is not from the official Associated Press NASCAR vehicle, but you might think otherwise from reading this AP story by Scott Lindlaw on Bush at NASCAR, which contains such gems as this one:

With his wife, Laura, trailing him, Bush walked the pit, mingling with drivers, shaking hands with fans. He peered into car No. 16, sponsored by the National Guard, and if the car reminded him of the tempest swirling around his own service in the Texas Air National Guard, he didn't show it.

(Emphasis added.) Nope, no bias there. None here, either:

He spent an unusually long time at the race - more than 2 1/2 hours, compared to the 55 minutes he planned at a Monday event on the economy across Florida in Tampa.

Message: I don't care! Reader Rick Giovanelli, who sent the link, comments: "Give me a break, I can't even read the sports websites now without seeing this nonsense?" Apparently not. At least until after the election. . . .

UPDATE: People wonder where I got that picture. It's actually a crop from this one, which I shot yesterday at a stoplight.