January 25, 2004

MUSHARRAF AT DAVOS: Some interesting observations.

UPDATE: Speaking of Davos, all I can say is bravo for Bill Clinton, for reminding people there that the war on terror isn't some sort of Bush fantasy, much as they might like to believe that:

And you may be interested to know that any time he referred to the Bush administration, or alluded to it, it was in a complimentary way. He told this crowd again, a crowd that could use hearing it, especially from this source that much of what we're doing, successfully, in the War on Terror never makes the newspapers. For example, "cells are rolled up," which you never hear about. The administration has achieved "cooperation with other governments" that is not "inherently sensational" but "has saved a lot of people's lives." You never hear about this bomb found in this container on this cargo ship destined for this port and "I could give you 50 other examples."

Good for him. Add this to his earlier comments on WMD, and it's a major blow to the loonier sections of the anti-war crowd.

DOH! The Clinton link above was broken. Sorry. Fixed now.