December 17, 2003


PORTSMOUTH ó Several city officials are furious over the Democratic National Committee chairmanís recent visit to Portsmouth High School, who they feel turned a social studies lesson into a one-sided bashing of President Bush. . . .

"He comes into the school and just says what he wants," City Councilor Bill St. Laurent said. "At what point does he stop his politicking to the point of scare tactics? Saying that the draft may come back, and kids can't find jobs, those are scare tactics. He is out trying to get votes. This is taxpayers money, excuse me, but this is my tax dollar and I donít want to use my tax dollar for his pulpit."

Talk to some kids who mostly can't vote. Generate bad press for the Democrats nationwide among those who can. Brilliant. (Via Remove All Doubt).

UPDATE: Darren Kaplan writes: "Aside from the fact that scaring children for political gain is beyond the pale even for McAuliffe, he's lying through his teeth."

I'm amazed that the Dems have hung onto McAuliffe for so long.