December 12, 2003

WELL EXCUUUUSE ME! Jonah Goldberg, in conjunction with Spoons, is giving me grief for not weighing in on the Supreme Court's campaign-finance decision yesterday.

Well, I was kind of busy getting ready to go to DC (and otherwised doing my actual job) and trying to get some attention for the Iraqi anti-terrorism protests, and I didn't really have anything to add to the already widespread discussion of the opinion. I think it's wrong, and bad. I also think, as Mickey Kaus points out, the decision isn't likely to have all that much actual effect: "the law turned out to not be as restrictive of speech as most people, including most of its editorial-page supporters, think it is."

But mostly, I just didn't feel that I had anything in particular to contribute to the already widespread discussion. I generally blog on things where either (1) I think they're not getting enough attention; or (2) I have something in particular to say. Neither really applies here. And unlike, say, a newspaper, I make no effort to cover everything that happens.

Sorry, Jonah (and Spoons), if the free ice cream wasn't your favorite flavor. Want me to refund your subscriptions?

UPDATE: Here's a list of blog entries on the subject, suggesting that the blogosphere wasn't exactly silent on this topic. Tom Maguire responds to Jonah a bit more harshly.

For the record, I have no staff. If I don't get to stuff, it doesn't get gotten to on InstaPundit. And lots of stuff -- including lots of stuff that I'd cover if I had more time, or more energy -- doesn't get gotten to. But that's okay, because the blogosphere is a big place, and I don't have to get to everything!