December 08, 2003

THE DEAN SEALED-RECORD STORY: Robert Tagorda has more information on Dean's record-sealing:

But even newspapers in Dean's own state had to fight for a peek. In January 2002, the Rutland Herald and the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus sued the governor for holding back on the disclosure of his daily schedule. They had wanted to find out how his presidential campaign planning might be affecting matters of the state. A half-year later, after a third newspaper joined the suit, the Washington Superior Court ruled against Dean.

Here, via Tagorda, is a link to the opinion of the Vermont Supreme Court in this case. Tagorda has another post on this topic here.

I don't understand what Dean's campaign is thinking. If there's embarrassing stuff in these files, this only calls attention to it, and it will surely come out. If there's not anything embarrassing, it just makes him look like he's got something to hide.