December 07, 2003

IT'S NOT 1968: Here's a bit of graffiti that I noticed while walking around campus earlier today (click the image for a larger version, or click here for a close-up). Despite all the Vietnam-era nostalgia, things just aren't the same now as they were then. (Maybe the graffitist had been reading Mark Steyn: "Islamic terrorism is a beast that has to be killed, not patted and fed.")

I guess the Campus Issues Committee probably wasn't behind this, but apparently The People will find alternative ways of getting their message across, despite The Man's best efforts.

Oh, wait, it's not 1968, is it? Or if it is, it's a topsy-turvy version. . . .

UPDATE: Adam Groves: "only geek bloggers carry a digital camera on them at all times."

Guilty as charged, your honor.