November 11, 2003

GOOSE CREEK UPDATE: Here's some more on what happened:

Then the principal, George McCrackin, patted him down, checked his shoes and took out his wallet, asking him where he got the approximately $100 he was carrying, Sam said. The student said he told McCrackin he had just gotten paid at his job at KFC.

"The people I hang out with are not drug dealers," Sam said. "We play basketball. We have nice clothes because we have jobs."

Down the hall, Josh was standing with his friends when he heard a rustling and felt something hit him in the back. When he turned around, he said, he saw a police officer standing behind him with his gun drawn.

"He told me to get down on the ground," said Josh, who then was instructed to put his hands behind his head and stay down.

Sam and Josh said that when the search was over, police told them that any innocent bystanders in the crowd should blame the search on the people bringing drugs to school.

Bah. Tar and feathers are looking better all the time. This guy should be fired, now, as should the police and prosecutors who approved this raid and these tactics. Michael Graham notes:

What makes this even more problematic is that this kid, and about 70% of the kids who had guns pointed at them, was black. At a school where most of the students are white. So now we have a scene straight out of "In The Heat Of The Night," with the white principal asking the black kid "Boah, where'd YOO git yo'se'f a hunnert dollars?"

Fired. Now.