October 01, 2003

SINCE FEW THINGS INTEREST ME LESS than Rush Limbaugh's ESPN gig, I missed the story about Limbaugh and black quarterbacks. How stupid is this?

Pretty stupid. Hey, it's not the Excellence in Sportscasting Network.

UPDATE: Limbaugh has resigned from ESPN.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Want blogging on this from somebody who actually knows something? Gregg Easterbrook's gotcha covered:

ESPN hired Rush Limbaugh to generate some buzz for the network's NFL pregame shows, and by the standard of buzz, Limbaugh was a huge success. When was the last time half a dozen presidential candidates interrupted their campaigns to issue statements about ESPN? We can skip what it says about modern presidential politics that yesterday Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and others thought a football analyst was the Great Issue Facing the Nation.

He says Limbaugh was wrong on the football, too.

More here.