August 12, 2003

FACTOID OF THE DAY: Bill Quick looks at the death toll from the Paris heat wave and remarks: "Why, that's almost twice as many as the number of US troops killed in Iraq. Send in the UN!"

It's the "brutal Parisian summer." Did Robert Fisk warn us about that?

UPDATE: A couple of readers seem to think I'm gloating at the fact that people in Paris are dying from the heat. No. I just think it brings a little perspective to the -- genuine -- gloating we're seeing from some antiwar folks about "massive" U.S. casualties.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The "peace" movement chides me for incivility:

No, it's all about *your* gloating.

And the fact that an asshole like yourself could give a shit about how many Americans get their brains blown out as long as you can sit at home in front of your computer and disseminate the chickenhawk spin.

Piss off, moronic brownshirt fuck.

Quite sincerely,

Dave Abston