June 08, 2003

THE TIMES (London, not New York) is crediting bloggers with the end of Howell's reign.

UPDATE: David Warren agrees. I think they're kind of right, and I'm going to talk about the role of the Internet in dissolving the Raines regime from the inside and outside simultaneously, in this week's TechCentralStation column.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's a link to the Times story that works for me. See if it works for you.

If it doesn't work, read it here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's an L.A. Times piece that credits Jim Romenesko more than bloggers. I found the profile of Romenesko, about whom I know relatively little personally, the most interesting part.

Meanwhile several readers note that the (London) Times story credits Lefty bloggers with Trent Lott's ouster. Well, it was Josh Marshall and Atrios who hit him first, but it's probably true that it was the attention from non-Lefty bloggers, who didn't find everything Trent Lott said outrageous on general principles, that really got the story off the ground. As with most Blogospheric successes, it was a collaborative effort.