June 01, 2003

PROTEST NOW -- AVOID THE RUSH! Yesterday there was a lone protester in front of West Town mall, holding a hand-lettered sign that read Stay Out of Iran -- Destabilize Yourself, Dubya.

Sadly, that's typical: it's always about Bush for these guys. And I say that as somebody who thinks that it probably is a mistake to take a too-aggressive line with Iran right now (though it's not clear that we actually are). I'm no fan of the mullahs, but my general feeling is that less is probably more when it comes to U.S. destabilization efforts. At the moment, my sense is that the mullahocracy is probably ripe to fall from within (and judging by their actions, the mullahs think so too), and that if we push too hard it might actually slow things down. Plus, the example for the Islamic world would be much stronger if the revolution were perceived as indigenous, rather than a U.S. creation. I could be wrong about that, and I'd be interested in hearing both sides. But from the antiwar crew, it's mostly about "Dubya." Actual arguments are in, at the very best, second place.