May 22, 2003

LILEKS on the Chris Hedges speech:

So why am I spending so much time on it? Perhaps because itís an old-media / new-media moment, with generational manifestations. (Oooh - thatís enough hyphens and multisyllabic drivel to get me in an academic journal.) Hedges is the embodiment of the Times paradigm - wisdom digested and packaged and handed down to you, the consumer. Thatís where it ends. You. If you have a problem with what weíve said, write us a letter; of the 18745 letters we get every day we will chose fourteen to print in tomorrowís paper.

The college students in the audience grew up with the internet; they have spent their college years in chatrooms and blogs. Emailís been around since they were in kindergarten. They are wired for instant feedback.

And what do you know, they gave it.

What he said.