May 19, 2003

SALAM PAX has a post that casts some (more) doubt on the BBC's version of the Jessica Lynch story, mentioned below:

While talking to them about what they are supposed to do the name “Jessica” is dropped. Aseel, one of the female volunteers, tells us that this is the hospital where Jessica was held in captivity. Both main hospitals in this city were turned into command centers. One had fedayeen in it and was bombed to the ground by the Americans and in the other Ali Hassan Al-Majeed was holding court for a while, before he moved to another place. When the American forces came to rescue Jessica “chemical” Ali was already out, the manager of the hospital and a couple of doctors were asked to get dressed in civilian clothes and get out as fast as they can. The hospital was not damaged.

Would American special forces, getting to a "command center" just after its commanders were hustled out, really show up firing blanks?

UPDATE: Toby Blyth has an observation about the BBC's main witness that the BBC seems to have missed: "Funnily enough, this doctor now claims that she was well treated and he was going to deliver her up to the Americans anyway. Odd, isn't it, that this same doctor would be guilty of a war crime if the allegations of Private Lynch's mistreatment as a POW are true."

You can trust him, though, because he's not an American.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's more: "It's almost too easy to beat them up. They absolutely never had any military sources or even bothered to check."