May 14, 2003

TOM PAINE.COM HAS A BLOG NOW. Check it out -- it's LeftyLicious!

UPDATE: Bryan Preston says they should drop the anonymity, and cites Reason's "Hit and Run" as an example. That's good advice. Ditto for NRO's "The Corner," which is the liveliest in-house blog of all, in no small part because of the personalities -- which wouldn't shine through in an anonyblog. I'll bet a blog with bylines would draw more readers.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Kaus agrees about the anonymous part, and suggests that could play an InstaPundit-like role for the left. That would be a good thing. Can TomPaine be quirky enough? If it's a group-blog, and it's allowed to, yes. I'm not sure that any individual person over there can match me in quirks (I contain multitudes -- of quirks), but then, I don't know 'em all. . . .