May 01, 2003

MORE CRUSHING OF DISSENT: The Boycott Hollywood site is being shut down -- by legal muscle from Hollywood. There's a copy of the threat letter on the site. Here's the response:

I can say only this - - the fact that we're being shut down because of the William Morris Agency tells me that we truly touched a raw nerve in someone, somewhere. At the very least, it tells me that our message was recieved by the people that it was intended for. The very fact that we cannot express our opinions regarding the views of these stars/celebs shows me, yet again, the double standard that exists in Follywood.

Yes, if you even criticize these guys they scream "censorship" -- but Hollywood is censoring more speech in America than John Ashcroft has.

I'll also note that there's a lame subject-verb disagreement in the threat letter. Uneducated philistines!

UPDATE: Hollywood Half-wits is still going strong!

ANOTHER UPDATE: CleverHack notes that Boycott Hollywood put phony information into its WHOIS database entry. Yeah, but I don't think that makes this any less of an effort to shut down criticism.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Michael Levy notes that IndyMedia has a rather suspicious-looking WHOIS entry and asks:

Does it matter? Would that make it acceptable to shut down Indymedia? Of course not.


ANOTHER UPDATE: The Whois information above isn't quite right. Go here to read more.