April 21, 2003

DR. FRANK is best-known in the Blogosphere as, duh, a blogger. But in the wider world he's better known as a pioneering punk rocker. Now he's written a song called Democracy, Whisky, Sexy and put it up for free download here. I listened to it, and it's very cool -- kinda reminds me of Balboa, if you've heard those guys. Give it a listen and, if it floats your boat, drop a buck in his tipjar.

Here, FYI, is a link to the webpage for Dr. Frank's band, The Mr. T. Experience.

UPDATE: The link above now goes to a new, industrial strength server, which seems to work. Just in case, here's an alternate link for the song. It seems Dr. Frank's server wasn't up to the load.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ken Layne notes that everybody's downloading this song, and suggests: "Also, if you're a radio host, make sure to play this all the time."