April 08, 2003

PALESTINIANS -- EVER EAGER TO BACK THE WRONG HORSE -- are still supporting Saddam, and are claiming the United States bombed their "embassy" in Baghdad.

The Palestine National Authority, following the lead of many of its citizens who have long protested in favor of Saddam and against the U.S., condemned the "U.S. aggression” of yesterday. American fighter jets bombed the PA's embassy in Baghdad yesterday afternoon. “The US aggression on the embassy was premeditated and directly singled out the Palestinian embassy, which is located in the diplomatic neighborhood in the Iraqi capital,” a PNA official spokesman said today.

Hmm. I wonder if there's any connection with this:

On the southwestern edge of Baghdad, just east of the Diyala River, Marines discovered what appeared to be a large-scale training camp for the Palestine Liberation Front as well as documents indicating that Iraq had sold weapons to the PLF as recently as January for the front's fight against Israel.

Marines from the 2nd Battalion, 23rd Regiment, who found the facility said it had lecture halls, barracks, dining halls, an obstacle course, parade deck, administrative offices and bomb-making materials.

"This proves the link between Iraq and terror groups," said Capt. Aaron Robertson, the battalion intelligence officer.

Probably just a coincidence. Though to quote Gandalf, "where such customs hold, it is also the custom for Ambassadors to use less insolence."