March 26, 2003

I WAS ON "MORNING EDITION" THIS MORNING, along with Mickey Kaus and some other folks, talking about war rhetoric. You can stream the audio here -- just scroll down to the "war rhetoric" story.

Blogging will be light for a while. I'm moderating a debate over the Patriot Act and wartime civil liberties here between CATO's Tim Lynch and Heritage's Paul Rosenszweig. I'll be appropriately neutral, but you can get some idea of my feelings here.

In the meantime, there's The Command Post and The Agonist -- though the latter seems to be down at the moment.

Also, Austin Bay's columns have been collected on the Iraq War Diary page. And this comment on racism from Eugene Volokh is extremely apt. See you later.

Oh, and read this post on what freed Guantanamo detainees say about conditions there. It's not beer-and-skittles, but it's hardly inhuman, either.

UPDATE: Still not really back, but I've got a few observations on Iraqi reconstruction over at and Daniel Drezner has good posts on de-Ba'athification and on how various dictators around the world are taking advantage of the war to violate human rights in their own countries. And here's something interesting about internal dissent at the BBC over slanted war coverage.