March 20, 2003


For me, the antiwar movement such as it was, is over. We lost. Itís time to wish the best for our soldiers and the victims of this war focus on building a better future.

If you want to see -- graphically -- why the antiwar movement failed, Evan Coyne Maloney has a brand-new documentary video on anti-war protests from last weekend in San Francisco. The antiwar movement failed because it was morally and intellectually unserious, and could never articulate an alternative position that might plausibly have led to a safer America and a safer world.

Had it been able to do so, it might have gotten some traction. But it was too overwhelmed by anti-Bush, anti-capitalist, and anti-American sentiments to generate a positive vision. Even a lot of lefties have noticed that recently.

UPDATE: One of the protesters interviewed by Maloney, a guy named Frank Chiu, is so famous he has a fan club. But of course!